Alexandra Magritte is Teresa Wagner's childhood friend.

Appearance Edit

Alex is a very beautiful girl with chest-length red hair that is swept to the left side and amber eyes. Her elegant style makes her stand out as a beauty among Mitsuyoshi Tada's friends.

Personality Edit

Although Alex is typically calm and reserved, she will go to any lengths to protect Teresa Wagner. When Alex first meets Ijūin, she is easily annoyed and often reveals a dark and sadistic side when threatening him. However, Alec is very observant and gains respect for Ijūin after learning the true purpose of the Kaoru Ijūin Show.

Background Info Edit

Alexandra is also from Luxembourg who came together with Teresa Wagner as an exchange student. To protect her, Alex would do anything. She isn't just smart, but also strong and is very calm and serious. She doesn't laugh much, but as she gets closer to Ijuin her ability to read between the lines is shaking him. However, she also has a side to her that loves romantic books and movies.

Relationship Edit

Teresa Wagner Edit

Teresa is Alex's childhood friend who often acts as her guardian.

Charles de Loire Edit

Alex has romantic feelings for Charles, but she choose to hide it because Charles loves Teresa.

Kaoru Ijūin Edit

Alex hates Kaoru at first because she though that Kaoru was chasing after Teresa, but as the story progress, she gains respect for Kaoru. She compliments him for the first time when Yui tells them why the "Kaoru Ijūin Show" in Tada's Coffee Shop exists.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Alexandra means "to ward off", "keep off", "turn away" and "protect". It also means "defender of mankind".