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She is a childhood friend of Hajime and part of the photography club. She was forced into joining the club by Hajime so that they could meet the quota. She is an honor student who can handle anything and has a vast amount of knowledge. She wears her long hair in a braid. Ijuin and Tada are in the same class as her and since she is part of the student council, the members of the club call her 'student rep.' She is very modest and serious and wants to change herself, so she is making an effort to do so. 

She is actually Hina, the gravure idol Hajime's always head-over-heels for. But only Alec is aware of this, after laying her eyes on Hina and realized that she's actually Hinako. Teresa later found it out, after being told to.


She appears to be very modest and serious, but approachable and a reliable class rep. She even volunteered to show Teresa and Alec around the school, and advised them to choose clubs, and eventually they chose Photography Club in the end, which appears to be her club also. She appears to be worrying alot for Hajime, and calls him out calmly when he's doing something over the line.


Hinako, in her student form, wears red-framed glasses and ties her above-the-waist deep gamboge-colored hair into one-sided braids. 

In her Hina identity AKA as a gravure idol, she disposes of her glasses, and lets her hair down instead of her usual braids.

She appears to have bigger bust size than Teresa and Alec, as hinted by Hajime comparing their bust sizes from afar, and even said the two is incomparable to Hina (her gravure idol identity)

She is also very beautiful, being a famous gravure idol.


-Hajime She is in love with Hajime but doesn't want to tell him because she feels that he like the Hint part of her, and since he doesn't know this she doesn't want to tell him. The affection is one sided.