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Mitsuyoshi Tada is the main male protagonist of the series.

Background Info Edit

He is in his second year at Ginga University Affiliated Koinohoshi High School. He aspires to become a photographer, like his late father, and works at Tada's Coffee Shop run by his grandfather. He is a part of the photography club at school, specialising in atmospheric pictures.

He doesn't talk much, but is a kind boy who works very hard and cares for his friends. Those around him sometimes envy him, because he is always himself and very attentive to his surroundings. He lives with his grandfather, his sister, Yui, and his cat Nyanko Big in a corner of Ginza, at Tada's Coffee Shop.

Appearance Edit

He is tall male with black hair and black eyes. He is mostly seen with a bored expression, and does not express his feelings very openly or overly, although he seems to harbour a lot of sadness and emotion in his heart, mostly due to his parent's death.

Relationships Edit

Teresa Wagner / Teresa de Larsenburg Edit

His relationship with Teresa begins as friends within the photography club. Mitsuyoshi was one of the first people that Teresa met in Japan, and the two seemed to end up always bumping into each other. He would joke and call her the "rain-bringer", because it would always rain when they were together.

When Teresa suddenly returns to Larsenburg, Mitsuyoshi finally realizes his feelings for Teresa and even confronts his fear of flying on an airplane just to see her one more time and confess to her.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a fear of heights (acrophobia), though he says that he just doesn't like riding on airplanes.

Referrence Edit

Mitsuyoshi Tada - Teresa Wagner - Alexandra Magritte - Kaoru Ijūin - Hajime Sugimoto - Hinako Hasegawa - Kentarō Yamashita - Yui Tada - Charles de Loire - Nyanko Big