Teresa Wagner/Teresa de Larsenburg (テレサ・ワーグナー) is the female protoganist of the Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai anime series. She is the future Queen of Larsenburg.

Appearance Edit

Teresa is a beautiful young girl with blonde hair and bright sapphire-blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Teresa has a bubbly and honest personality who always has a bright smile on her face. Although sometimes misled by her naivete, she proves to be very empathetic and understanding of others, especially Mitsuyoshi Tada. Teresa is able to find beauty in very simple things, as demonstrated by her obsession with pictures of rocks. She is also very appreciative towards others’ acts of kindness, such as when Mitsuyoshi removed the caterpillar from her head, or when he saved her from falling into the lake.

Teresa’s obsession with “Rainbow Shogun” shapes much of her compassionate personality. When she was little, she remarked that she wanted to be a queen as strong and caring as the Rainbow Shogun. She also seems to have a keen memory, and is able to recognize places featured in the show, as well as the exact episode in which they were aired.

Background Info Edit

Teresa Wagner is an exchange student from Luxemburg and her real name is Teresa de Luxemburg. She loves the Japanese historical drama called "Rainbow Shogun" and often relates real-life scenarios to it. She is living with a fellow exchange student named Alexandra Magritte and they like to spend a lot of time together.

Relationship Edit

Mitsuyoshi Tada (Future Husband) Edit

Teresa first met Tada while he was taking pictures and asked him take a picture of her, then on they always bumped into each other starting a friendship. After some time, she begins to develop feelings for him.

Charles de Loire (Ex Fiancée) Edit

Charles is Teresa's ex fiance.

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  • Her name, Teresa de Larsenburg, is very similar to that of the current Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Maria Teresa.

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Mitsuyoshi Tada - Teresa Wagner - Alexandra Magritte - Kaoru Ijūin - Hajime Sugimoto - Hinako Hasegawa - Kentarō Yamashita - Yui Tada - Charles de Loire - Nyanko Big